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Selection of mask fabric in beauty mask products and matching with beauty materials 1/2

Selection of mask fabric in beauty mask products and matching with beauty materials 1/2

Oct 9,2022
Selection of mask fabric in beauty mask products and matching with beauty materials 1/2

Facial mask fabric is a semi-finished product of spunlace nonwoven fabric, which is an indispensable and important part in mask products. The mask fabric not only carries the face material (essence), but a good mask cloth can provide users with a long-lasting skin care time and a good face application experience. The mask cloth that matches the body can be selected from the following elements:

1.Appearance and color: The general mask fabric is white. This is recognized by the majority of consumers. But there are also many different options. The color of the mask fabric is usually related to the material. For example, common materials such as Tencel and cotton appear in white in the usual form. The Binchotan fiber mask fabric is black, the native bamboo fiber mask fabric is yellow, and the fruit fiber can present various colors such as red, yellow, and green. Mask fabrics with different functional components can visually bring different sensory experiences to users.

2.Shape and size: The shape and size of the mask fabric are usually ever-changing. In addition to the regular face shape (regular size is 21*21cm), there are also one-piece face shapes, ear-hung face shapes, and faces of various animals or people who can communicate. The design of the shape of the mask fabric depends on the product selling point of the cosmetic company or the mask brand and the market demand.

3.Thickness: Under normal circumstances, the water-locking performance of thick mask fabric is better than that of thin mask fabric under the same material. However, if the thickness of the mask fabric is too high, the mask fabric will feel too heavy, which will directly affect the feeling of applying on the face. At this time, you need to choose other relatively soft materials to adjust the softness of the mask fabric. We recommend that the thickness of the mask fabric is preferably 30~45gsm.

4.Material selection: The fiber material in the spunlace nonwoven fabric determines the properties of the mask fabric. Including softness, transparency, strength and various value-added benefits. For example: mulberry silk fiber, which has a variety of amino acids that are beneficial to human skin; tea fiber, which has tea polyphenols, which have antioxidant effects; cupro fiber, which has 14 times the water absorption rate and excellent transparency; fruit fiber, with different vitamins. Different non-woven fibers can provide different functions and effects, further increase the added value of the mask fabric, and increase the selling point of the mask product.

The above four points are our comprehensive overview of the preliminary selection of mask fabric. Next, we will talk about the matching of the mask fabric and the beauty material body. If you need to consult more related questions, please contact the customer service staff of Proyons Bio-tech.

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