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Track Your Orders Easily

When our order is officially opened, you can timely know the progress of order execution through our online order tracking system,For example:in the process of production, when we have started shipping Ensure that we work efficiently and strictly Quality Assurance. Although you are not at our work site, we will let you know the progress of each order in time.


Pre-sale tracking service

1、 Recipe Development Tracking

2、 Packaging Design Tracking

3、 Time-limited mailing tracking

In-sale support

1、Material Status Tracking

2、Production progress tracking

3、Quality control

4、Inspection data checking

Logistics progress tracking

1、Export clearance status tracking

2、Air Freight Progress Tracking

3、Shipping progress tracking

Upgrade service

1、Recipe upgrade service

2、Packaging Design Services

3、New formulation and material development

After-sales support for orders

1、Quality tracking

2、Sales tracking

3、Exception collection