• 10 years’ mask consumables development

    Over 300 sets of face mold

    Hundreds of mask formulas

  • Spunlace nonwoven fabric processing customization

    Maximum monthly production capacity of 300 tons

    Maximum width 300cm

  • Mask sheet fabric processing customization

    Maximum monthly production capacity of 20 million pieces

    50 kinds of materials can be matched arbitrarily

PROYONS has 10 years of experience in the development and application of mask products and consumables. We take advantage of all-round supply chain to manufacture attractive mask consumables and products for our customers

Spunlace nonwoven fabric

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Facial Mask Fabric

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Nonwoven products

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Facial Mask Products

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Charming Facial Mask Manufacturing Solution

From receiving inquiries, we have prepared a full range of facial mask products charm manufacturing solutions for you. Before your product is sold out, we will also make full preparations for your product upgrade.

  • Supply/Manufacturing

    60+ spunlace nonwoven materials; various materials, different thicknesses, full cross/half cross/straight laying process.

  • Product Development

    100+ facial mask formulas; we have more than 100 mature facial mask formulas, covering whitening, freckle removal, anti-aging, moisturizing and other functions.

  • Quality Assurance

    ISO quality management system certification, third-party product certification and testing.

  • One-stop solution

    After-sale/upgrade; 7*24-hour after-sale guarantee service + 360-day product upgrade plan formulation.

Since 2013

At present, PROYONS Enterprise has formed the main business of OEM\ODM of beauty and skin care products such as spunlace non-woven fabrics, facial mask fabrics, and finished facial mask products. The company integrates the advantages of all-round industrial chain integration services such as raw material procurement, material development, product development, product formulation customization, packaging design, etc., and provides global customers with rapid design, stable supply, and complete after-sales service solutions."Green manufacturing, Global beauty" is the vision of PROYONS Enterprise . We select materials with a series of environmental protection qualifications such as degradation report and forest certification from the selection of non-woven materials, packaging bags, cartons and even packaging films. The comprehensive promotion and market application of degradable materials such as cotton pulp fiber spunlace non-woven fabrics, coke fiber, PLA/PHA packaging bags, etc., all show that our company is sparing no effort to promote the skin and beauty industry to green manufacturing.With our deep industry resources and rich experience accumulated over the years, we take the corporate vision as the core of development.PROYONS Enterprise believes that it can bring different industry value.

Charming Facial Mask DesignerPerfect facial mask manufacturing supply chain
We take advantage of all-round supply chain to manufacture attractive mask consumables and products for our customers
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