OEM Services

Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Roll Customization

PRIUS Bio-Tech focuses on the R&D of facial mask fabric and the manufacture of spunlace non-woven fabric.

We can customize it for you according to different material combinations, different size requirements, different fabric weights, different pattern designs and special techniques.

Cloth width range: 80-200cm;

Cloth weight range: 20-120gsm;

Material types: cupra, superfine fiber, natural cotton, silk, rayon, bamboo fiber, carbon fiber, tencel, binchotan charcoal, graphene, camellia, etc.

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Facial Mask Sheet Fabric Private Label Customization

Cuprammonium fiber facial mask fabric is our biggest advantage, and we are proficient in the combination of cuprammonium fiber and other different fiber materials.

Customizable products: activated carbon facial mask sheet, silk facial mask sheet, binchotan facial mask sheet, chitosan facial mask sheet, cupra facial mask sheet, natural cotton facial mask sheet, graphene facial mask sheet, lyocell facial mask sheet.

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Compressed Facial Mask Private Label Customization

The compressed facial mask is convenient to use and saves a lot of space, which has become the must-have product of every facial mask brand.

Compressed facial mask is convenient to carry, it is to do facial maintenance best choice when staying at home and travel, when using, add the liquid material that oneself like, for example egg white, milk, make up water and so on. According to your requirements, pack in bags or cans with 50 or 100 pieces each.

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Printed Facial Mask Sheet Customization

PRIUS can be used to print various patterns, cartoon characters and portraits on facial mask fabric with green ink according to customer requirements.

Material selection: activated carbon, binchoutan fiber, chitosan, CUPRO, natural cotton, graphene, Lyocell and so on. Weight choice: 22gsm-120gsm; Pattern selection: plain pattern, mesh pattern and so on.

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