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The difference between cream mask and traditional mask

The difference between cream mask and traditional mask

Dec 16,2022

The difference between cream mask and traditional mask

Over the years, the status of  facial masks  in the beauty industry can be said to be indestructible, so the most popular in the facial mask family is undoubtedly facial mask and cream mask (washing mask), so what is the difference between the two? In fact, there is no exact distinction between good and bad. In order to solve everyone’s indecisive thoughts when buying a traditional facial mask or a washing mask every time, I will introduce the difference between the two.


The cream mask (washing mask) is more focused on cleansing, and is dedicated to removing old dead skin cells and aging waste that are difficult to wash off daily, so that the pores of the skin become clean and smooth. The facial mask is more focused on maintenance, and the skin is nourished and repaired by the way the essence penetrates into the bottom of the skin.


The cut and size of the sheet mask fabric are fixed, and it is inevitable that the size will be too large or too small depending on the shape of the individual's face, and it is also prone to problems that do not fit well enough. The washing mask is applied by oneself, the range and amount of application can be controlled, and the natural adhesion is relatively high.


The facial mask sheet always has the carrier of mask paper, while the washing mask is to apply the product directly on the face, without the external carrier of mask paper in the middle, and the degree of airtightness on the skin is better than that of mask stickers. Therefore, the washing mask is better in absorption performance.


The mask sheet is rich in essence, and the hydrating mask sheet is even richer in moisture, and the skin becomes hydrated immediately after application. Most of the washed masks are mainly for cleaning and supplementing mineral nutrition, so the water content is not very rich compared to facial masks.


Mask stickers are usually applied on the face for 15-20 minutes and removed. The remaining essence is massaged and absorbed without washing, which is very convenient. The wash-off mask needs to be washed with water after application, which is of course troublesome for some users.

Time utilization

It is better to apply the mask sheet lying down for better absorption. If you do not lie down, the mask paper will shift. At present, the spunlace non-woven mask base material of ultra-fine material can greatly improve the conformability of the facial mask fabric and prevent the facial mask fabric from sliding down and shifting. At the same time, the essence drips off easily. The washing mask is very convenient whether you are sitting or lying down, and you can also do other things while applying the mask.

The facial mask sheet is a magic weapon for first aid. If your skin is not easy to apply makeup, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask before applying makeup. After applying the mask, the skin will become supple and delicate. After applying makeup, the base makeup will fit very well, and the effect of makeup will also be improved. The cream mask is generally used after washing the face and before bathing.