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The needs of different age groups for different facial mask effects.

The needs of different age groups for different facial mask effects.

Dec 9,2022

The needs of different age groups for different facial mask effects

The reason why the mask can be effective in one application is actually because the skin is temporarily isolated from the outside environment by the mask when the mask is applied, the skin temperature cannot be dissipated and the surface temperature of the skin rises, and the temperature rise will open the pores. On the one hand, the excess oil in the pores is discharged. On the other hand, the nutrients in the mask will also be forced to be absorbed by the skin, so every time we finish the mask, we will first feel that the skin is very clean, and at the same time, the skin becomes soft, moist and shiny.

From 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., during this period, cell growth and repair are the most vigorous, and the speed of cell division is about 8 times faster than usual. The skin has a particularly strong absorption of skin care products. During this time period, apply a mask with repairing effects. Better results.

After bathing, the pores are open and the skin is well hydrated. Applying a moisturizing mask at this time will help improve the moisture of the skin.

Before applying the mask, you can do scrub or exfoliation care first. The dead skin on the surface of the skin is removed, which helps the absorption of the mask ingredients.

After applying the mask, the skin will become supple and moisturized, but this is a temporary phenomenon. Be sure to apply moisturizing cream to lock in the newly replenished moisture, strengthen and maintain the moisture of the skin.

Choosing a facial mask does not necessarily depend on skin type. To be honest, most of the current facial masks do not have strict regulations. They must be used for dry skin or oily skin. However, according to the efficacy of the mask, it can be roughly divided into two categories, and each category has a general range of users.

At present, the facial masks on the market can be roughly divided into two functions, one for cleaning and the other for maintenance. Cleansing masks are generally peel-off and wash-off, because it has the effect of absorbing and removing oil and exfoliating, so it is very suitable for oily skin or oily skin.

Maintenance masks are mostly in the form of cream, jelly, jelly and spunlace non-woven fabrics, and can replenish moisture and oil to the skin. Some also have whitening, anti-aging or soothing effects, so they are more suitable for dry skin. Water skin use. However, these are not absolute. Many masks are designed for a wide range of users, so you still have to choose according to your own skin characteristics and the ingredients and efficacy of the mask.

Although there is no strict age limit for using facial masks, as the age changes, the facial masks also need to be adjusted appropriately.

1. 18-year-old skin prefers: deep cleansing mask, exfoliating mask, oil control acne mask, moisturizing mask, blackhead removing mask;

2. 20-year-old skin prefers: moisturizing mask, oil control acne mask, cleansing mask, blackhead removing mask, whitening mask;

3. 25-year-old skin is more popular: whitening mask, moisturizing mask, cleansing mask, anti-aging mask, pore refining mask;

4. After the age of 35, the skin is more popular: moisturizing mask, whitening mask, firming and lifting mask, anti-aging mask and anti-wrinkle mask, rejuvenating mask, deep nourishing mask.