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The Efficacy And Application Of Negative Ion Sheet Mask Fabric

The Efficacy And Application Of Negative Ion Sheet Mask Fabric

Sep 24,2019

Proyons Bio-Tech NIC2550negative ion sheet mask fabric was added to the non-woven fiber as theinorganic filler by using the ultra-fine powder of tourmaline to make thenegative ion synthetic fiber. Combined with the water-trapping properties ofcopper-ammonia fiber and the health-care function of negative oxygen ions, theprinciple of generating negative oxygen ions by tourmaline fiber, it is formedinto a cloth by high-pressure water. After testing, the concentration ofnegative ions reaches 4620/cm3, which is beneficial to enhance the human immuneand antibacterial alibility.

The sustainedrelease of negative ions enhances the nutrient introduction in the maskmaterial, helping the active ingredients to absorb and strengthen the effect.Negative ions are known as "air vitamins". Experiments have shownthat after the action of negative ion mask cloth, the skin blood vessels shrinktemporarily, and then expand, which can improve microcirculation and tissuenutrition, accelerate epithelial regeneration, and have antibacterial effect,which can promote wound healing.

Proyons Bio-Tech NIC2550 sheet maskcloth can release negative ions stably, which can help the skin to circulate,effectively purify the skin and maintain the clean state of the skin to achievea cosmetic effect.