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2025 Global Non-woven Market Forecast

2025 Global Non-woven Market Forecast

Issue Time:2019/07/25
In 2019, global demand for spunlace nonwovens is expected to reach 1.38 million tons, or 31.1 billion square meters, worth $6.2 billion. Spunlaced non-woven fabrics have faced high demand for wiping products and technological innovations. In the past few years, high growth and high profit margins have emerged. This trend will continue until 2024, but it will also face overcapacity. New challenges.

Studies have shown that in 2024, continued demand will drive the compound annual growth rate of global spunlace nonwovens consumption to 7.9%, 2.01 million tons. Future profitability will also depend on the ongoing development of existing spunlace processes and the implementation of new production technologies to meet end-user and market requirements.

Overall, the demand for non-woven fabrics is expected to continue to grow in 2025, but the requirements for product performance and innovative applications are also increasing. Companies are also closer to increasing equipment investment and capacity. The market demand and growth point, the layout of the global market, in order to avoid falling into the dilemma of overcapacity.