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Design Of spunlace nonwoven products' Texture

Design Of spunlace nonwoven products' Texture

Jul 9,2019
In spunlace nonwoven products, many fabric lines are involved. Behind the seemingly simple lines, it often takes a year or more to conduct research and development and repeated experiments.

At present, the conventional lines on the market have smooth, small meshes and the like. These conventional simple textures are no longer sufficient for today's product differentiation market.

The development of surface patterns, multi-layer texture composites, personalized mesh composites, and multi-layer fabric composites in conventional lines requires the re-production of mesh patterns. The design and manufacturing cost of the net model is often as high as several hundred thousand yuan, so development costs and time are the main reasons for restricting the development of the cloth.

Proyons Bio-Tech has been committed to developing special texture fabrics with various materials and rich designs for customers. Such as direct-laid spunlace non-woven fabric, semi-cross spunlace non-woven fabric, full cross spunlace non-woven fabric, mesh spunlace non-woven fabric

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