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Changes in the quality of life under the global epidemic

Changes in the quality of life under the global epidemic

Issue Time:2022/08/25
Since the epidemic is raging around the world, the cosmetics industry needs to optimize the quality of life of enterprises through product quality and service quality under this special situation.

  A mask product often requires dozens of processes and the cooperation of multiple upstream supply chains. Under the new epidemic, the suppliers of these upstream supply chain companies were unable to resume work in time, causing the production and supply of the entire industry to stagnate.

Since production at the beginning of this year, we have been working on developing new products. Pu Yongqiang provides high-quality services, maintains close contact with global customers, and develops spunlace nonwovens with natural antibacterial and antibacterial properties. At present, it has been exported to Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and regions, and has been well received by the local market.