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What's different between China's and Japan's spunlace process?

What's different between China's and Japan's spunlace process?

March 7,2019

Priuschooses full cross or half cross spunlace which are mainly used in China. Theymake different strength of fabric. Full cross spunlace process produces lowweight spunlace nonwoven fabric in order to increase the strength.

Theway of laying net is different between those spunlace process. The hot salesSE384 facial sheet mask is a good example. We spin with cotton pulp solutionbefore laying the net. Through this process, facial sheet mask materialperforms better on length, structure and stickiness.

Also,we produce facial sheet masks with Cupro, which is the same as Japan 384 facialsheet mask’s material. S pattern SD384 facial sheet masks Prius produces is madeby 100% Cupro. After adjustment process, its touch sense, strength, stickinessand transparency, while it’s dry or wet, is almost the same as SE384.

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