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Which kind of facial sheet masks is better, thicker or thinner?

Which kind of facial sheet masks is better, thicker or thinner?

Jan 17,2019

What will you choose to keep warm in winter? The answer is obvious. Facial sheet masks are the same, thicker ones are better than thinner ones. Thicker material does better on water trapping and strength.

But why some Chinese consumers prefer thin and transparent facial sheet masks?

First of all, it’s about facial sheet masks industry in China. Some factories always tell consumers that thinner is better to reduce their production costs. Secondly, consumers in other countries know the truth. They do know that thinner keep you warm. So they prefer facial sheet masks weigh higher that 38gsm.

But Chinese industry which choosing thinner ones won’t change in short time. Prius, a professional spunlace nonwoven fabric manufacturer, could produce thick facial sheet masks to meet thin needs. We not only reduce weight of fabric, but change facial sheet masks material to meet that need. For example, Prius’s C4050 facial sheet masks fabric contains 50% Cupro and Microfiber, which makes 45gsm material performs well on transparency, water trapping and strength.

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