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Product introduction of double-layer color separation spunlace nonwoven fabric

Product introduction of double-layer color separation spunlace nonwoven fabric

Mar 31,2023

Biocompatibility test basis for spunlace non-woven fabric (mask fabric)

The overall safety target of Proyons spunlace non-woven fabrics, facial mask fabrics and other products is based on the test of DIN EN ISO10993 series standards (mandatory requirements for medical devices), which can evaluate non-woven fabrics (including spunlace, spunbond and other non-manufactured fabric product categories) ) compatibility with the skin, mucous membranes and immune system.

(1) Cytotoxicity test according to DINEN ISO10993-5 to exclude cell damage effects;

(2) According to DINEN ISO10993-5 and combined with the literature published by wiegand, C. et al. in 2017 ("Biocompatibility test optimization scheme for compression stockings and similar products in close contact with skin in vitro", Textile Journal, volume 109 , No. 7, 891-902), cytotoxicity test on materials containing elastic fibers;

(3) According to DIN EN ISO 10993-10, use recognized screening tests and animal substitution tests for sensitization tests to assess the potential sensitization risks of the inspected products;

(4) Chicken Embryo Chorioallantoic Membrane Test (HET-CAM) according to Method Abstract No. 96 of the Database of Alternative Methods for Animal Testing (DB-ALM) is a recognized alternative method for rabbit eye animal testing that meets the requirements of DINEN ISO10993-10, To exclude chemical stimuli;

(5) Hazardous substances are tested according to OEKO-TEXR STANDARD 100.

According to the certification requirements of different customers, Proyons will implement comprehensive certification including biocompatibility testing for products. For more details, please contact us!