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The difference and choice of tencel fiber and lyocell fiber

The difference and choice of tencel fiber and lyocell fiber

Nov 11,2022

The difference and choice of tencel fiber and lyocell fiber

Tencel fiber is one of the most commonly used raw materials in the spinning industry and the spunlace non-woven industry. Many customers do not know its process and basic material composition, so I will briefly explain it here.

Tencel fiber currently has two titles of Tencel/Lyocell. The difference between Lyocell and Tencel is mainly in the concept category. Lyocell is a general term for wood pulp fibers. There are many companies that can produce Lyocell fibers, but only Lenzing's Lyocell fibers. It can be called Tencel, because Lenzing has applied for its own brand of Lyocell to protect it, and it is called TENCEL in English. Each lyocell manufacturer has its own brand, but Tencel is more well known around the world.

The difference between Lyocell and Tencel is the difference between category and brand. In China, we collectively refer to both as "Tencel". Unless specified by the customer, we will use domestic Tencel (ie Lyocell fiber) to produce the sheet mask fabric. If the customer specifies Tencel, then we call it "Imported Tencel" for short.

Lyocell represents the raw material category of wood pulp fiber, not the product of a company. There are many companies that can produce lyocell fibers. For example, the widely popular "domestic Tencel" is actually lyocell fibers. Only Lenzing's Lyocell fibers can be TENCEL. In reality, many people can't tell the difference between lyocell and tencel. Many people rudely interpret lyocell fiber as tencel. Obviously, this is extremely imprecise, because there are many companies that produce lyocell fiber, but In addition to Lenzing, the Lyocell produced by other companies cannot be called Tencel. And many people understand Tencel as lyocell. That's right. Tencel is originally a lyocell fiber, but Tencel is a lyocell with independent intellectual property rights, and its quality is very recognized. Many fashion and home textile brands specifically specify Lenzing Tencel, and some also specify Lenzing Tencel tags. Therefore, Tencel is rudely called Lyocell, and the high-end attributes cannot be reflected.

Both Tencel and Lyocell belong to the same type of wood pulp fiber. The raw materials are derived from well-managed, renewable forest tree populations. Textile raw materials are generally made of wood, such as eucalyptus, coniferous forest, broad-leaved forest, etc., after dissolving, spinning, cutting, curling, drying and other processes. It retains a certain degree of air permeability and strength, and the luster of silk. It has the advantages of soft hanging, unique touch, elegant luster, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, and easy to care for and wash.

When applied to the beauty industry, the two are very close in terms of water absorption rate, dry monofilament strength, wet transparency, hand feel, and application feel (in terms of monofilament strength, Lenzing Tencel is slightly better than Lyocell fiber) Therefore, when applied to spunlace nonwoven fabrics or disposable facial mask sheets, lyocell fibers or tencel fibers can be selected according to the requirements of different regions and brands. For more product details in this regard, please feel free to contact us.