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About the safety of printed mask fabric products.

About the safety of printed mask fabric products.

Sep 15,2022

About the safety of printed mask fabric products

Proyons Bio-tech has extremely high safety manufacturing requirements for printed products that come into contact with the skin, such as mask fabric and spunlace non-woven fabric.First of all, the whole product needs to pass the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) test. Allow the overall composition of the product to be fully described and let the customer know the validity and authenticity of the material. Second, make a comprehensive analysis of the product's hazard identification, first aid measures, operational storage, toxicological information, and other applicable regulatory information. In product-related tests, the degree of pigment fixation and the safety of the pigment on the skin are particularly important.Proyons Bio-tech uses water-based environmentally friendly pigments as printing colorants, and tests related harmful substances such as azo in the pigments according to the EU EN14362.The test results show that the printed masks, printed spunlace non-woven fabrics and printed non-woven products manufactured by Proyons Bio-tech all meet this standard.Regarding the degree of color fixation of printing pigments, we have adopted methods such as alcohol resistance test (75% alcohol), 72-hour constant temperature test (60 degrees Celsius) and acid and alkali resistance test to ensure that the printed pattern has the characteristics of long-lasting color fixing to the greatest extent.

full cross spunlace nonwoven for jumbo rolls OEM manufacturer printing lenzing tencel spunlace fabric facial mask material
Spunlace non-woven fabric made of Lenzing Tencel has a brighter appearance and stronger resistance to deformation.
30gsm Tencel DIY Design Printing Paper Animal Face Mask Breathable Spunlace Fabric Skin Care Facial Mask Paper
CLE30-GI spunlace mask fabric is made of plain weave style to make the fabric feel stronger and more elastic.
100% polyester pregnant belly mask fabric 60gsm customized print spunlace non-woven fabric abdomen mask sheet
Polyester fiber is a high-strength fiber with good strength and toughness, which is not easy to be damaged.
Tencel Eyes Patches Fabric 30gsm Star Printed Transparent spunlace non-woven fabric Dry Eye Mask Sheet
CLE30-Pse mask cloth products are printed with three star patterns of different shapes, sizes and colors.