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The Rise Of Disposable Face Towel Products

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The Rise Of Disposable Face Towel Products

Issue Time:2019-06-24
Disposable face towels, cleansing towels and other products belong to the spunlace non-woven series. Domestic disposable habits have become more prevalent, and spunlace nonwovens have once again changed people's habits. This product has the following characteristics:

1. instead of traditional towels, used to wash your face.

2. remover.

3, wet compress.

4. exfoliation.

5. remove the nail polish.

6. wipe the disposable mask.

7. instead of paper towels, stronger, more absorbent.

At the beginning of 2019, once a face wash, cleansing towel and other products can be described by explosive growth. These products are mainly viscose or polyester. The weight of the fabric is 40~120g. The lines are often plain, mesh, pearl, EF and so on. Prius produces 120 tons per month for this type of product, and welcomes customers from all over the world to consult and purchase.