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Proyons's Deep Development of Fabric Post-Finingshing in 2019

Proyons's Deep Development of Fabric Post-Finingshing in 2019

Apr 16,2019

Nowadays, differentiation of fabric becomes more and more important in spunlaced nonwovens and field of application of facial sheet mask. the requirements of consumer for facial sheet mask fabric are no longer satisfied by light weight and thinness. With the growth of new generation of consumers, they have brand new standard on innovation, functionality and selling points of products.

However, in the present, development and application of facial sheet mask fabric could not meet these need.

First of all, development of spunlace non-woven fibers has reached the bottleneck in the world. Brand new raw material that shocks us is little, which makes delepment of facial sheet mask fabric slow.

Secondly, in the case of a global economic downturn and due to the price war, many manufacturers refused to invest more to develop products.

Since 2013, Prius has been selling a variety of spunlace nonwoven materials and had our own alibility to finish whole process in 2017. Prius has been had a clear view of the industry and trends of products.

Proyons has been developing products depending on market and our own ability. New fabric mesh pattern, mixed application of various non-woven fibers, functional fabric finishing, hyaluronic acid and application of whitening lyophilized powder in dry cloth are good examples.

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