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Proyons Bio-tech extremely sticky facial sheet mask fabric

Proyons Bio-tech extremely sticky facial sheet mask fabric

Apr 3,2019

In Chinese traditional facial sheet mask fabric manufacturing, manufacturers tend to choose light and thin fabric, through extreme network stretching process, make cotton web thin as possible to control facial sheet mask fabric at 25gsm.

Low-weight facial sheet masks have good applicability, but sometimes high-weight fabric is need to give long-lasing moisture or beauty skin care. High-weight fabrics often have no good applicability.

As a result, Proyons Bio-tech has cooperated with Japan,which specialize in manufaturing of microfiber, to develop a kind of extremely sticky facial sheet mask fabric. This product weighs 45gsm and 120gsm as maximum. It can be designed with a plain weave, S pattern, square mesh, or special pattern as customization. In wet condition, fabric of 8*8cm could lift object of 216g weight, which shows its excellent performance of applicability.

For more information, please feel free to contact prius-tech@hotmail.com.