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Proyons's developing plan about facial mask sheet material

Proyons's developing plan about facial mask sheet material

Aug 16,2018
Spunlaced nonwoven fabric means that, without knitting, fiber is spunlaced with high pressure water needling on cotton net and fiber will be combined together and becomes fabric.

Facial mask fabric is only a kind of carrier of essence. It has no any effect on skin. But it will influence importing essence due to its water-trapping, softness.

In theworld wide, there are many kinds of nonwoven fabric such as Tencel, Modal, BambooFiber, Cotton. All these kinds above have high water absorbency rate of 7~8.

All products Prius produced contains Japan Cuprammonuium so that water absorbency and trapping will be well increased. The highest water absorbency rate of Cuprofacial mask fabric is 14, which meet longtime-using need. Essence won’t drainwhen longtime usage and has enough time for skin to absorb essence.

For more information, please feel free to contact prius-tech@hotmail.com.