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Prius is going to start its $50,000 production department

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Prius is going to start its $50,000 production department

Issue Time:2018-10-04

In China’s nonwoven fabric industry, requirement for production department is not as strictas that in cosmetic industry.

In Prius’s2019 development plan, we will pay much attention to production department and production equipment promotion, which we had decided to upgrade production department to $50,000 and environment equipment to $20,000 in first half of 2019. The project include upgrading our automatic cutting equipment for facialmask, compression equipment, purifying equipment, UV equipment, Ozon equipmentand so on.

Afterthe upgrade, we will put our attention to ISO certificate. We aim to be the best company in spunlaced nonwoven fabric industry.

For more information, please feel free to contact prius-tech@hotmail.com.