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Performance Characteristics And Application Of Water-soluble Non-woven Fabrics


Performance Characteristics And Application Of Water-soluble Non-woven Fabrics

Update Time:2019-07-26
Water-soluble non-woven fabric refers to a new type of disposable medical and hygienic material produced by using water-soluble PVA short fiber as the main raw material and non-woven fabric process. It is a new type of water-soluble functional non-woven fabric, which belongs to the environmental protection industry. And its composite can be widely used in medical, nursing protection, surgery and disease prevention and treatment, home textile field, etc., after use, it can be degraded by water, which has extremely broad application prospects.

The water-soluble non-woven fabric itself has water solubility, high hygroscopicity, uniform cloth surface, good softness and can effectively block the penetration of bacteria, prevent skin wounds and even post-operative infection. Therefore, the future will be able to be applied to the medical industry as well as the medical beauty industry on a large scale.

Water-soluble non-woven fabrics are widely used in the field of medical and health with the unparalleled special properties of traditional textiles and other non-woven fabrics. Prius will also focus on the introduction of post-processing technology and materials, and guide terminal manufacturers. Develop the market together.