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Why is EGF prohibited from being used as a cosmetic raw material?

Why is EGF prohibited from being used as a cosmetic raw material?

Update Time:2019/4/28

in January 2019, China Drug Administration issued Common Questions about Cosmetics Supervision and Management, which clearly stated that EGF should not be used as raw material for cosmetics. Additions to the formula or products claiming to contain human oligopeptide-1 or EGF are illegal products.

EGF oligopeptide-1 is generally used in the medical field. The clinical indications are external treatment for burn, wound and surgical wound healing, and accelerate the growth of transplanted epidermis. Due to the high molecular weight, EGF is more difficult to absorb under normal skin barrier conditions, and once the skin barrier is incomplete, it may cause other potectial safety problems. EGF should not be used as a cosmetic ingredient based on considerations of effectiveness and safety.

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