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How to choose good silk facial sheet mask fabric?

How to choose good silk facial sheet mask fabric?

Update Time:2022/10/31

Natural silk is a kind of natural protein fiber which is produced by silkworm. It contains18 essential amino acids that promote skin cell vitality, prevent blood vessel sclerosis, prevent skin aging and have special antipruritic effect on certain skin diseases. Price of natural silk raw material costs $60/kg. After spunlace process and other process, natural silk facial sheet masks cost almost $100/kg. For the high cost, some factory may cheat on content of natural silk. Some products even don’t contain any natural silk. Proyons  produces natural silk facial sheet masks of high quality which have SGS reports. We provide you the best products with best quality.

In general, spunlaced non-woven fabric made by natural mulberry silk (facial sheet mask fabric) has the following effects and characteristics:

1. Moisturizing and moisturizing. The main raw materials of silk mask are silk fiber and active silk fibroin, which have good breathability and water absorption ability, can store more water, have good ductility, can stick close to the skin and bring more nutrition to the skin.
2, improve skin elasticity, silk itself contains 18 kinds of amino acids, silk mask helps replenish skin tissue elastin and collagen, enhance skin elasticity, restore cells, whitening skin.
3. In terms of skin care, silk mask can promote the repair function of the skin itself. When the skin is in a sensitive and fragile state after sun exposure, silk fiber can be carefully attached to the skin, so that the damaged skin can be repaired quickly. 4, to prevent susceptibility, silk mask is made of natural silk processing, the composition of natural silk and human skin is very similar, it makes mask paper extremely affinity to the skin, gentle and not stimulating, but also can prevent allergic itching.

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