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Advantages of Proyons ’s products in spunlaced nonwoven fabric industry

Advantages of Proyons ’s products in spunlaced nonwoven fabric industry

Update Time:2022/10/31

Advantagesof Proyons ’s products in spunlaced nonwoven fabric industry

A.    Proyons  keeps importing Cupro, Tencel, Acrylic fiber, microfiberand other spunlaced nonwoven fabric from Japan and Europe. We have goodadvantages of raw material’s quality, quantity and price.

B.    In order to control quality of facial mask fabric’s pattern, weight and width, Proyons  has been cooperated with many spunlaced factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang China. Meanwhile, we keeps improving new pattern, so that we could provide the best products with newest pattern, highest quality, most stable quantity and most reasonable price to our clients.

C.    To improving the production of facial mask and other nonwoven fabric products, Proyons  has upgraded workshop with $50,000 equipment and ISO certificate.

From raw material to finished products, Proyons  has good advantages compared to other factories. On the basis, Proyons  is going to produce fabric with better quality on this basis.

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