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What is the Need in Construction Consulting?

Increasingly, the customer comes to the decision to transfer the organization of the design and construction process into one hand. This is due to the need for continuous coordination of actions of all participants in the construction process. Namely: Contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, general designer and engineers.

This issue is extremely time-consuming, requires extensive experience in the field of construction, knowledge of the sequence of each process, consideration of production time, supply of materials and components. It is the professional project management of PFM team that will allow you to competently organize the entire construction process, optimize design solutions, and get the lowest price from the supplier.

Why You Need PFM Construction Management Consultants?

In order to organize the best result for your construction and design project, you will need professionals who know how the business goes — every step of the way.

PFM provides comprehensive professional construction management and consulting services all over world. Our experienced construction consulting team has many years of experience in the fields of engineering, architecture and construction to offer successful, cost-effective business solutions to the everyday tasks that contractors and designers, engineers and architects face during the construction process.

We develop construction and design management teams, that are based on the specific preferences and needs of each client and the requirements of the project, ensuring effective project consulting in this service areas:

  • — Contract review;

  • — Project evaluation;

  • — Possible negotiations;

  • — Productivity analysis;

  • — Construction design;

  • — Value engineering;

  • — Scheduling of construction;

  • — Project control systems;

  • — Cost estimating of construction;

  • — Inspection and quality assurance.

PFM offers the best quality construction management consulting in world, irrespective of the scope, the size or location of your project.

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