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Overview Of The Development Of The Global Medical Nonwovens Industry

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Overview Of The Development Of The Global Medical Nonwovens Industry
Issue Time:2019-07-23
With the development of nonwoven technology, most of the traditional medical fabrics have gradually been replaced by non-woven materials. Non-woven materials have the characteristics of wide fiber source, short production cycle, flexible process, diverse functions and wide application in biomedical fields. Non-woven medical products, surgical products, especially disposable medical supplies, such as surgical towels, dressings, equipment, medical equipment, isolation suits, patient sheets, sets, etc., have a series of advantages. Not only is it comfortable to use, it also effectively blocks the penetration of bacteria, prevents cross-infection, reduces dust and hair loss, and provides the best medical environment.
The global medical nonwovens market continues to grow at a rate of 6% per year. As downstream demand grows, the market scale continues to expand. With the continuous emergence of new fiber raw materials and functional materials, advanced non-woven forming technology and finishing technology provide technical guarantee for providing new functional material structure, which makes the use performance of non-woven medical non-woven products expand and Optimization, the corresponding quality system is constantly improving and improving to meet the needs of the times and social civilization.