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How can we market in the context of coVID-19?

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How can we market in the context of coVID-19?

Issue Time:2020/08/08

The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year.

 Covid-19 is rampant all over the world, and the cosmetics industry needs to optimize the quality of life of enterprises by product quality and service quality in this special situation.

 A facial mask product, often need dozens of procedures, a number of upstream supply chain to cooperate.

Under the coVID-19 outbreak, the suppliers of these upstream supply chain enterprises could not resume work in time, which led to the stagnation of production and supply of the whole industry.

Since we resumed production at the beginning of this year, we have been committed to developing new products.We providing service quality, keeping close contact with global customers, and developing spunlaced non-woven fabric with natural antibacterial and antibacterial properties. At present, it has been exported to Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and regions, and has been well received by the local market.