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Prius's deep devepment about flushable non-woven fabric

Prius's deep devepment about flushable non-woven fabric

Issue Time:2019/03/19

Whileapplication of normal wipe material is bringing health and convenience for us, howto handle the garbage and environmental protection become the new problems. In thefuture, we need a kind of new material, that is environmentally friendly and doeshave to be landfilled or incinerated, to replace traditional spunlaced wipematerial.

In thediscussion of INDA, Mango Phillips, a American, introduced the past, presenceand future about flushing toilet wipes, which is the first time to discussconcept of flushable non-woven products thoroughly in the world. The real flushableproducts should be a combination of rushable, dispersible, biodegradable.



Dailynecessities: wet wipes, wet toilet paper




Environmentalprotection and safety

Easyto process and easy to use



Rangeof weight: 45 to 120 gsm 


Priusproduces flushable wipes, removable wipes, compressed wipes by our own technicand process.

For more information, please feel free to contact prius-tech@hotmail.com.