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Prius’s 2019 brand new two tone sheet mask

Prius’s 2019 brand new two tone sheet mask

Issue Time:2019/03/22

So far, each type of sheet masks have been in the same color, which makes it dull and we can’t tell the difference and functions.

In February2019, Prius overcame difficulties of spunlaced process and developed two tone sheet mask. The most important feature of two tone sheet mask is that both sides are in different colors. Through double layer technic, we make them combined together effectively. Front side of two tone sheet mask is made by elastic fiber, which is high-strength pull-up cloth. For the back side, fabricis made by natural silk fiber and cupro. The fabric provides toughness that can firm your skin. Also the effective content of natural silk and cupro fiber would make essence easier to be obsorbed.

We offermultiple color for you to choose. Weight of fabric could be 50 to 120 gsm.

For more information, please feel free to contact prius-tech@hotmail.com.