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Prius's development of plant protein anion bio-level facial sheet mask

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Prius's development of plant protein anion bio-level facial sheet mask
Issue Time:2019-04-26

Since 2013, PM2.5 has nationals aware that large areas of smog have enveloped 30 provinces and cities in China. According to the 2015 report of the World Health Organization Committee, more than 10 of the world's most polluted cities are in China. Less than 1% of China's 500 cities meet WHO's recommended air quality standards. 

It leads to respiratory diseases, skin problems, sleep disorders, etc. These problems have become the focus of people.

Prius has been developing new products for two years. Combined with herbal plant extracts and spining, we produce fabric with water punch. The fabric is rich with plant protein and can release negative ions continuously. It is especially suitable for making facial sheet mask products for night use.

Through tests, the products removes the residual dust of PM2.5 and below effectively, in order to reducing the harm of PM2.5 to human skin, providing adsorption and collection of particulate pollutants on the skin surface, and improving purification efficiency.

The negative ions that are continuously released on the surface of the fabric can improve the quality of sleep and make the skin care effect more remarkable.

For more information, please feel free to contact prius-tech@hotmail.com. 

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