• Prius spunlace nonwoven equipment has multiple feeding functions, full cross, semi-cross, multi-layer cotton mesh composite technology. Spunlace non-woven fabrics are manufactured in the range of 22g~150g (per square), with an annual output of 800 tons. The deep processing manufacturing equipment includes 1.2 million sets of processing capacity per day, such as cutting, compression and packaging. At the same time, research and development test equipment, including microbiological testing, ultra-clean workbench, tensile testing equipment, and thousand-fold microscope are all available.
  • Prius has been committed to the application and product development of spunlace non-woven technology for many years. Welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us. Please leave your contact information and requirement. Our technical director will contact you ASAP.
  • Laboratory Introduction

    R&D department is originated from technology section. Now this new department is focus more and more on R&D. Though we are young, we are dynamic and committed to transforming customers’ ideas into products that can be produced stably in batches. Under our mutual efforts, we start from an idea, to 3D modeling, to drawings, to model construction, to samples, to tests, to verification, to production process implementation. Each project is connected with 5-10 technicians from sales to quality, procurement, production site and etc. The whole process of project management is under well took. We have different engineer for different product, in general, one main engineer for one project and he can invite other engineer to responsible for small part of the project. We have formed a trust, Efficiency and well-orchestrated team.
    Department director Mr. Eddie Zhang is specialized in mold design & manufacture. He works 17 years in product design field and developed many products. R & D engineers have 6 years working experience at least. One of our process engineer has been working in process technology and process improvement for 14 years, and another verification engineer has been working for more than 10 years in verification area. As a result, many patents have been granted. BQ holds 13 patents and 2 of them are invention patents. Still more patents are in applying.
    BQ+ has 408 components, based on these components, we can assemble finished products、semi-finished products、tubes、components for manufacturers and distributors all over the world. We can also customized products for customers.
    26 products have acquired CE certificate.2 products have finished the register with CFDA. We are also doing the register with FDA to acquire 510K for some of our products now.
    We also focus on Industry-University-Research Cooperation. We cooperate with universities and hospitals for different products. BQ+ is the doctoral internship base of Donghua University. We have a nano electrostatic spinning technology application laboratory of Donghua University. BQ+ and Donghua University study intelligent chronic wound dressing together with clinical experts of Ruijin Hospital. 2 invention patents have been obtained. It is been expected that the world's leading products will be approved and put into clinical application in 2023.
  • Spunlace Nonwovens Workshop

    BQ+ Production Division is very strong at injection molding

    • BQ+ has 32 injection molding machines, range from 100 ton to 220 ton.
    • JSW High speed molding press injection speed reach 500mm/s
    • 2-Color injection machines can mold two material at same time on 1 part
    • Mold cooling system promise high efficiency
    • BQ+ injection molding has excellent stability
    • Mininum residual in screw is lower than 0.1mm, which assure precise dimension and perfect apparence.
    • BQ+ engineers have more than 17 years experience on molding transparent medical parts
    • BQ+ has in house mold repairing and maintenance
  • Facial Mask Sheet Cutting Workshop

    Quality tubing requests consistant OD & ID controlling

    • BQ+ has 5 extrusion lines, incluing high speed extrusion, co-extrusion machines.
    • 12 meter water tank to assure fast cooling

      Screw speed: ±0.03rpm

      Pulling speed: ±0.05m/min

    • Siemens PLC
    • Co-extrusion machines could produce two material tubing
    • In line OD controlling:

      Tube OD: ±0.03mm

      Wall thickness: ±0.01mm

    • In line OD controlling:

      Test per 1 sec.

    • In line OD controlling:

      Automatic feedback for

      Synchronized adjustment

  • Compressed Facial Mask Workshop

    • 6 parts drip chamber assembly
    • Roller clamp assembly
    • Spin luer lock assembly
    • Enplus spike assembly

    Manual Assembling

    BQ+ has 100+ experienced operators doing vairous assembling job

    • UV Curing Machines
    • Ultransonic Welding
    • Heat welding
    • Leakage testing
    • Hot stamping
    • Screen printing
  • Warehouse

    • Soft blister packing machine
    • Hard Blister packing machine
    • Manual packing
  • Office Show

    • ISO11135 certified/FDA
      1 pre-heating of 100cubic meter
      3 sterilizers of 20 cubic meters
      2 sterilizers of 6 cubic meters
      1 Aeration of 20 cubic meters
    • Provide sterilization services